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When I started my boudoir photography career, I was naturally attracted to sensual sexual shots. So experimented in my studio, as well as taking pictures for beauty pageants and doing glamour photoshoots. However, I quickly realized that there are so many photographers offering the same services as I do. One day I had a client contact me about doing some erotic images for their dating profile and since then I never looked back. Started developing my adult business ideas in 2005 and now I photograph various erotic, glamour, boudoir, and dudoir scenarios, as well as explicit photoshoots without limitations!


Most people are comfortable having a shoot in their underwear. Some clients are even keen on having their images taken while nude. For those who are shyer, my studio provides hot and sexy models who can assist you during the shoot. It’s easier for most of us to get undressed if there’s someone else who’s doing it with us. Couples can also fulfill their fantasy of having a threesome shoot.

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 093

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO-2020- 093

Boudoir photography is a genre that creates sensual and sexually suggestive images. A person or a couple can shoot without crossing the limits or try explicit imagery. It can go very close to artistic nudes but does come across as vulgar or edgy. Boudoir session often shows the women half-naked in an indoor setting, like a bedroom. But also popular to photograph at the studio. Dudoir is a man’s version of a women’s boudoir shoot.  The best thing about erotic photography genres are experiments with body shape and sexual energy. Also, you get a taster of what means to be an adult model. The most important scene photographer is there to witness is the control the client has!

Boudoir – explicit photoshoot collection

julia winter studio photography- boudoir

     Julia winter studio photography – boudoir in London

You decide how far you want to go and how much you want to show in front of the camera. I must say that I love mixing ideas and matching various styles,  pushing the client’s boundaries. When shooting erotic photography all my clients who are doing boudoir or dudoir sessions with me, get to try a mixture of erotic photography experiences.

My Movie BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER LONDON julia winter studio


If you treat yourself to this fantastic and empowering photography session you most likely come back for more. This challenge is a sexuality-developing process and many of my clients felt ashamed and shy at the start. And that is normal. Why? Because it’s a very exciting experience and scary at the same time. It helps you to boost your self-esteem, body confidence and express your sexual fantasies and desires. A few of my clients even book sessions with me every couple of months, because to them,- there’s no better feeling than being able to stand naked in front of a camera. They want to be brave with all the intentions and get rid of inhibitions, that stopping them to make a move, they want to be in this moment, with no place to hide. To enjoy the adrenaline rush!

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 074

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 074


Boudoir photography is such an amazing experience because it is all about you! At Julia Winter Studio You get treated like a best friend all the way throughout the shoot. Ladies’ sessions usually start with getting pampered by a professional hair and makeup stylist. Gents tend to not need makeup, but sometimes we use a bit of touch-up. But most of the time they like to get assisted during the shoot by our sexy models.

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 084

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 084

What most people don’t realize is that models and celebrities look just like you do. Granted it takes time and effort for them to look the way they do, and for the most part, it’s not even because of anything they do themselves. It’s all due to the fantastic hairstylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe designers. Clients, who book boudoir shoots are regular everyday people that have no idea how to pose or have hardly had their photo taken professionally. My job as a photographer is to help you pose and show you how to move your body. I’ll demonstrate to you how to push your hips, straighten your back, and accentuate your curves to best show off your body.

So If you do not have a partner, this experience will show you, how it feels like to shoot with a model and play as a couple. Or if your partner too scared to do this, you can ask the model to assist. I had guys who did shoots with models and their partners were choosing the best shots for them.

Reasonably priced, we are not only photographing nude people but rather making them forget their doubts and insecurities. That is what we are best at. It would be a privilege to share this liberating experience with you! Erotic photographers create a contemporary artistic representation of the sexuality of men, women, and couples. But would not shoot people being in any shape dishonest, and something that will compromise health and safety. 

Boudoir Erotic Photoshoot With the model

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 063

couples boudoir 2020 JULIAWINTERSTUDIO2020 063

“FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, and TALENTED these are 3 words to describe the artist continually pushing the barriers, creating original sexually attractive imagery on camera and film at. The goal is to find the colors that absolutely touching and tells the emotion, and gives the feeling and the story during your erotic boudoir photoshoot adventure in London.

My studio works with the best models and has a vast choice to pick from. But please, always listen to your photographer’s advice. The studio has a changing room with a huge wardrobe of outfits and props for any shoot. You might not think that you can look sexy, but a boudoir photographer can help you do things that you never thought you could. 


Maybe you are looking for a special gift for a loved one or a friend? Spent days and weeks searching for something he or she never had?  An experience that they will never forget? An adult photoshoot with a female photographer is the perfect surprise for yourself or your loved one. It’s something that’s going to be remembered for a long time and will definitely give positive emotions… Not to mention that the gift card does not expire!

gift card-boudoir photographer - julia winter studio

Women and men would love to give their spouse a super sexy gift of sensual boudoir photos for Valentine’s Day, a Birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy seeing sexy photos? I would argue that boudoir photos are an even better gift as they will benefit you and your partner. So if you get here and reading this? Please remember about self LOVE. We’re always working, busy and for the most part we’re doing everything for other people, hardly ever give ourselves enough time or attention. A boudoir session can fix that because it will be just all about you! It can be planned or go freestyle, it can be precisely what you want to be, from beginning to the end. We can start looking into the ideas or go with the flow, creating a session that is personal, meaningful, and of course, developing into a naughty and edgy kinky side.

Nevertheless, it also makes a great gift for couples to enjoy together because erotic photoshoot allows couples to reconnect and restore the excitement in their relationship. Plus it’s certainly going to boost your sex drive and motivation 😉 Sometimes you need to remember just to have fun, and boudoir photography experience is sure to do that.

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